Kangaroo, Reindeer & Nordic Elk

Hardtke Leather takes great pride in offering to you the finest calf and reptile leathers as used by the world's top luxury brands.

We also take great pride in offering to you unique, wild, special and rare leathers. Kangaroo. Reindeer. Nordic Elk. From Packer, Bonaudo, Kero and Kokkola.  

Beautiful and particular leathers from private, family owned independent tanners specializing in local raw material specific to the region. 

Eco friendly. Managed. Sustainable. Controlled.   Exotic, wild, unique and rare leathers from animals that are not captive bred or raised, nor have ever lived in stalls or a pen. The local communities appreciate their importance and value, and therefore protect and manage these local animals ensuring their survival and well being.  

We enjoy the opportunity to offer you leathers that are rare and uncommon as well as very limited.  Top quality material.  These leathers are not inexpensive.  They carry with them stories and heritage, while at the same time are also very limited in supply.  These unique characteristics and circumstances separate them from the herd, the pack, the common and the ordinary.  Quite frankly, it's a more difficult sale for us, only it's a very entertaining challenge, plus it's more fun to be different.  We appreciate this, and hope you also see it as an opportunity not only to use top quality material, but for you to separate yourself from the masses, offer your customers something different, defend and grow your margin as well.

Life is short.  Be wild.