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Established since 1891, Packer Leather is recognized worldwide for for high performance kangaroo leather, creating custom made solutions for global brands' specific leather needs. 

Kangaroo leather is weight for weight the strongest leather available. Its structure consists of highly organized main fibre bundles, which have a secondary supporting mesh. Combined with low angle of weave, low fat content and a very thin grain layer this provides superior strength against leathers from other raw material types at similar thicknesses.

Naturally thin, kangaroo leather retains all it strength where other raw material types require heavy splitting and shaving which significantly reduces physical performance.

The unique properties of kangaroo fibre structure are further enhanced through Packer Leather's innovative processing techniques which provide a versatile, strong and light natural material.

We have the pleasure of working together with Packer Leather since 1990, and we are very happy to offer their world famous K-Whip Kangaroo.  We keep stock of the K-Whip Drum Stuffed, and are pleased to follow up any inquiries on other leathers made by Packer.
Kangaroo leather is the green alternative to other leathers or synthetic materials. It is sustainable, renewable and natural.   Learn more about Packer Leather and kangaroo by visiting their website and please also read the attached pdf with up to date facts on the kangaroo industry.

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