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Luxotica Premium Skins is the result of three generations, starting in the 1960's working to supply luxury manufacturing companies and makers around the globe.
Luxotica has adapted to the needs and requirements of the luxury market and today offers the unique ability to offer made to order, custom service for artisans and bespoke makers.  Whilst in the past, the Parera family supplied to many of the top factories making for the top brands, today they are focused on working with and producing leathers for smaller ateliers, bespoke producers of particular and unique creations.  Luxotica Premium Skins is a rare and unique supplier today in the leather industry as Luxotica has organized their company specifically to take care of small, custom, particular orders.
The Parera family has developed business relations with the best raw material suppliers around the world for over 40 years, and purchase materials only from those that meet their exacting standards and requirements.   Therefore, Luxotica Premium Skins has the rare ability to offer custom made to order leathers with no minimum production requirement.
Hardtke Leather stocks many fine articles from Luxotica, and we welcome the opportunity to develop articles and leathers in your specific colors and requirements.  You can see many of their unique articles by following Luxotica on instagram or by visiting their web page here:


Pictured above are José Parera Verdú and José Parera Ventura, first and second generation founders of Luxotica Premium Skins.

Luxotica Python.  Rubin Singer and J. Mendel.

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  • Python Short Tail Soft Matte Finish Celtic Green
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